Hello world!

3 Jun

I had a million things to do today, had being the key word.  My husband Kenny, wanted to take the boat out for a test run instead.  The thing has not been out in the water for over a year and since the guys have a big fishing trip planned for later this month he wanted to make sure everything was working.  I gotta tell ya, I am not a big fan of being out on the water unless the boat I am on is tremendous!  I had a near drowning experience when I was very young which left me with two things;  an extreme fear of heights/falling and being in any kind of water without being able to touch the ground.  It’s just not one of those things you get over, ya know.  I do however enjoy a nice relaxing slow-paced boat ride, so I went with him to keep him company.  We drove over to Lake Striker, put the boat in the water and started our little drive.  The morning was absolutely beautiful!  Just enough people out that we weren’t completely alone but not enough to be a bother.  An hour and a half later, boat checked out nice and sound, we slip her on into the dock loaded her up and headed back home.

Sounds kind of boring doesn’t it?  Well not to me.  Kenny and I don’t get out much, ever really.  We’ve just gotten into that habit over the years.  He drives about an hour and fifteen minutes Monday thru Friday to get back and forth to work.  So on the weekend he just wants to stay at home, rest and maybe get some stuff done around the farm.  It’s not like there is anything close by to do anyway, if there was we probably would go out a good bit.  On the rare occasion that he wants to actually go out and do anything, I’m game honey.

Okay I’m home now and still have a million things to do.  Ya know what, they’ll get done eventually.

A few days ago it was time to dig up the potatoes, which I did one morning after it rained.  I LOVE potatoes!  Mashed with english peas on the side, baked with all the trimmings, fried, hash browns, honey I love them all.  Two years ago we planted potatoes for the first time in a bazillion years.  Having a nice crop and no root cellar I had to figure out how to store all those wonderful little things.  Well I canned em.  Turned out pretty good Ithought.  Much better option than freezing.  We did that many years ago and it turned out terrible. OOOhhh honey, those were some mushy things when we defrosted them, not good, not good.  This year I was really looking forward to canning a few more and trying to freeze some, as I was planning on contacting the extension office for some advice on that one.

You know anticipation is horrible.  We had like 40 plants out there and I was just a thinkin that we were going to have a big load of potatoes to deal with.  I dig up the first one and there are like these two small potatoes about the size of new potatoes and then like 4 the size of an english pea 😦 .  Hhhm.  On to the next one-same thing.  Then about the 4th one, them potatoes were a bit bumpy.  Hhhm.  The further I got down that row the more bumps the potatoes had on em.  Ugly, ugly, ugly potatoes!  Of the ones that grew, they were small,  plus every plant had at least 3 or 4 the size of peas.

Isn’t that the ugliest thing ever?   Well I dug them all up and we didn’t even have enough to fill the table.  Huge disappointment.  I got on the internet and started looking, hunting and pecking away and could not figure out what that was on our tators.  Couldn’t stand it.  All I could think of was “if” we had planted to sell and they all looked like that, well honey we’d be screwed.  So I took two of them nasty looking things over to the extension office.  Of course the person I wanted was out of the office so I was forced to leave them and wait for a call.  The next day as I was setting some posts for the new chicken yard, I got the call.  Diagnosis:  Root Knot Nematodes.  Well isn’t that just dandy?

Root Knot Nematodes are plant-parasitic nematodes from the genus Meloidogyne.  They exist in the soil in areas with hot climates and short winter. (yeah Texas).  Root knot nematode larvae infect plant roots, causing the developement of root-knot galls that drain the plant’s photosynthate and nutrients.  In young plants they can be fatal, in older plants they cause smaller yields.  Well how awesome is that!  So how did this happen?  We planted this years potatoes in the same place we planted last years tomatoes.  Plant specialist said we needed to do crop rotation and make sure we always planted the tomatoes and potatoes diagonally from each other.  Okay so that is my big project for my down time.  Crop rotation.  This is going to take research, research, research.  I know that somewhere we probably have a book on that, where it is I don’t have a clue.  Oh well, I will find it about the time I don’t need it anymore.  Internet here we come.  Honey I just might have hit the jackpot!  Ran across this site that pretty much does all the thinking for you.  When you get on it will ask you for the measurements of your garden, then it will give you a giant piece of grid paper to play with so you can map out your entire garden.  Advice:  map out the last garden you grew first.  This will be your starting point.  Then when you plan out next years garden the program will let you know if you are planning on planting something where you should NOT be planting it.  How awesome is that?  Check it out:   I am having a blast playing with this thing!  Looks like it has everything you need, color coded plant families, companion planting, succession planting, it will even send you a reminder to plant your seeds.  Now If I could just get Kenny to agree to my big plans of increasing the garden next year, LOL

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  1. Jaime June 4, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    Very interesting, felt like I was reading an article, lol. -Jaime

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