Turnips, Turnips and More Turnips

6 Jun

Yesturday I finished planting the last 1/2 acre of pumpkins.  Did I tell you I did that by hand?  Lord have mercy it was hot!  I would plant a couple of rows and then go in to cool off literally dripping sweat.  A few times I thought I might actually pass out.  Stupid woman, your cell phone is sitting on the kitchen table, plus you have had nothing to eat!!!  And of course you know I am the very one harping on the girls to always have that cell phone on their person, fully charged, and at a volume that they can hear it go off. Okay so not a very bright idea, I know.

Commercial:  Kenny is getting ready to go on this big fishing trip I told you about right.  The boat has been cleaned, waxed and checked out.  There are like a dozen rods lined up in our bedroom that all need some form of attention.  A little while ago he hands me an ink pen and a roll of fishing line to hold as he loads a new reel.  I am of course, a very helpful wife.  Just now he is all a marvel over this new purchase of an “extra” rod and reel.  Remarking about the cork handle and how he thinks it’s just great.  I’m trying to be real enthusiastic here and saying like yeah honey it’s real pretty.  In my head I’m thinking, it’s just a cork handle, what’s the big deal???  I don’t know, it must be a guy thing?  So all of a sudden he say, “You know cork comes from the outer bark of a cork oak tree.”  Huh????  Really????  And then he just walks off to finish doing whatever it was that he was doing, leaving me sitting here with a blank stare on my face.  Now if you knew my husband at all, you would know that sometimes, sooooometimes he is just messing with ya, unfortunately he also has a really good poker face.  Ssssoooo, I had to look that one up and sure enough cork actually comes from the bark of a cork oak tree.  Check it out if you don’t believe me     http://home.howstuffworks.com/question550.htm  This is why I refuse to play trivial pursuit with this man, I dont’ know where he gets this stuff from.

Aaaaaanyway, so yesterday I sort of got a little overheated.

Today my main job was pulling up the turnips……………And here you have today’s bounty!  I’m about 1/2 way finished pulling them things up on account of it was really, really hot out there in the turnip patch and after planting all them pumpkin seeds I just wasn’t up to par.  I guess I will be out there again tomorrow so I can finish up.

Years ago Kenny and I made a deal ——-He is in charge of growing things and I am in charge of canning, preserving, and putting up whatever he grew.  I dont’ mess with his garden and he doesn’t mess with my canning jars, my stock pot, my press  ure cooker, my vacuum sealer or my dehydrator.  So far it’s worked pretty good.  However I do have one teeny weeny complaint this year.  When he starts “planting” I start “planning” on what, where, when, and how I am going to put things up.  I’m counting jars, lids and vacuum bags.  Looking up recipes I might want to try this year, and dragging out the old tried and true ones.  It’s what you do.  Since day one of this particular growing season, I have been looking forward to a big ol mess of turnip greens with a hot pan of real cornbread.  Waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting………….Finally I said, “Honey, um, when are we going to start cooking up those turnip greens?  Shouldn’t we have done that by now?”  Ya know I’ve been looking at em, thinking about how we gonna cook them up and freeze them for later, maybe try my hand at canning some, mmm mm mmm mm mmmm.  That man has the nerve to say to me, “I just grew them for the turnips, we not eatin those greens.  I’ll grow some in the fall for the greens.”  Do you know I almost came (metaphorically) close to shootin his head plum off!

Let me tell you something……When I married this man I did NOT eat turnip greens, no how, no way.  See my momma tried cooking some once and they were all gritty, left a bad taste in my mouth and I have not liked them since.  Well that kind a stuff doesn’t sit real well with Kenny so when he had enough of me turning down his momma’s greens he had to cook me up a mess and make me try them. I really do hate when he is right.  Him being the fabulous chef that he is, cooked those greens to perfection and served them up with a big ol pan of Momma Ford’s Old Georgia skillet cornbread!  Whoooo hoooo, that was some good eatin!   His are the ONLY turnip greens I will eat.  So you can imagine when he told me that we would not be harvesting ANY of the greens off of those turnips I sort of saw red.  I would have just gone and gotten some myself, but by the time I asked about it, they was about done.  Not to mention had I known his intentions I would have been out there gettin some greens for the girls every day and giving them a treat.  Now you know I meant the chickens right?

So now I have all these turnips to deal with and not one green among em.  I guess that’s what I get for not asking more questions and just waiting for him to tell me what needs to be done in the garden. I guarantee you this, between the need for crop rotation and the lost greens, I WILL be more proactive in the garden next season, just you wait and see, 🙂

P.S.  Tonight for dinner we are having fresh garden tomato sandwiches on lightly toasted wheat bread and fresh steamed asparagus.  Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.

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