All in a days work

13 Jun

I was out-of-town for the weekend, so I am 3 days behind on my chores.  It will probably take me a month to catch up, but oh well.  I did a quick scan of the property to make a mental note of chores, most of which turned out to be weeding in the garden.  Unfortunately the house trumps everything so that was where I started.  Kenny is “all male sufficient” when I am away so of course the kitchen was tops on my list.  Fortunately for me he had been having tomato sandwiches every night for dinner so the stove was not an issue.  A wonderful chef my husband is, but not so neat a cook.  It took me the better part of Monday to clean things up and catch up on the laundry.  All in all not bad, I’m doing good.  When Kenny got home from work we went out to the little garden to pick tomatoes, and talk about what “we” needed to do the next day.  Now over the last few years I have come to realize that generally speaking “we” means “me” and I usually accept this fact with a nod and a smile on my face, however sometimes I have to kick and scream just a little.

When I did my look around earlier that day I had taken pictures of some tracks going through the pumpkin patch, to show to Kenny.  There were several different size tracks running back and forth at the lower half of the field so I was a little concerned that we were growing somebody’s dinner.  Not to mention that in this part of the woods wild hogs are not all that uncommon.  I show him the pictures and of course now he needs to see them in person so we have a walk through the field.  As I suspected they are deer tracks and it looks like momma deer, doe from this year, possibly doe from last year and big-big-big daddy deer have been scoping things out.  I wonder how many nasturtiums I’ll have to plant to keep that bunch out of my pumpkins?  While we are out there in this 2 1/2 acre, 30 some odd rows of hand planted pumpkin seeds the statement is made that “we” need to weed the pumpkin patch.  Uhm Seriously?

Now this is a field that has NOT been used to grow anything in like 15 years.  It has been a horse pasture all that time.  When we originally had it disked up to plant the pumpkins I inquired as to how many times it would have to be disked and for how long, to completely get rid of the various types of grass and pig weed.  The answer was 3 years.  Three years!  So I am not really looking forward to having to “weed” the pumpkin patch and I promise you this, I will only be weeding in a 12 inch radius of each pumpkin plant!  You are  just going to have to get some big heavy-duty butt machine in here to do between the rows cause I ain’t touching them.

Tuesday morning I get up, have coffee, and run through some light chores so I can get after my weeding.  I get out to the pumpkin patch and decide to start on the far side and work my way back to the house, sounded good to me.  As I walk past the rows it’s not looking as bad as I thought (in that 12 inch radius of each plant that is) plus I am really trying to give my mental status a boost here.  Halfway through I start to notice pig weed, pig weed and more pig weed.  The good thing is that it is between the rows.  The bad thing is that I have to get that out of there before it seeds out or we are going to have one big mess on our hands.  I get the hoe and start attacking the stupid pig weed.  About an hour into that it starts to rain, which of course I use as an excuse to take a break.  It pretty much drizzled off and on all day plus I got wrapped up talking wedding plans via text and emails with my daughter so I never did get back out there.

Shortly after Kenny came home from work the drizzle turned into a gully washer, and I do mean gully washer!  I like the rain, especially when I have seeds in the ground and weeds that need pulling.  Rain is good for both of those things so I am a pretty happy camper.  Kenny on the other hand is wringing his hands, pacing the floor, and shaking his head.  Rain, and I am talking hard rain mixed with hail here, is a very bad thing for tomatoes on the vine.  When it finally stopped several hours later we were out the door rubber boots and all.  I don’t know about you but we always pick a bunch of green tomatoes after a heavy rain.  Kenny says it keeps them from splitting and who wants split tomatoes anyway.

The first thing that hit us when we got to the garden was 6 tomato plants, cages and all, laying on the ground.  Getting them back up and keeping them up was great fun and I look forward to checking on them (by myself) this morning.  As Kenny picked tomatoes, I walked back and forth with each loaded pan to get them in the house and find a place to put them.  Here is what we have so far…………..The red tomatoes in the front are ones we picked before and over the weekend.  The ones to the left, right and back are after the rain.  That would be over 75 tomatoes at one time!

As the tomatoes took us well into the dark, today I will be checking the pumpkin patch.  Wish me well!

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