The start of the Llewws

14 Jun

Several years ago my old man was hunting and pecking online and came across the breed of dog that his great-grandfather had many moons ago.  This particular breed, known as Llewellin Setter, was very popular in this part of the country up until the quail disappeared.  Being that these are field bird dogs there wasn’t much point in having them without any field birds to hunt so the breed disappeared with the quail. Since aaaallllll of that was before our time we had never seen one up close and personal, and ya know pictures never do anything justice.  Once he realized the breed was actually still alive and well in the United States he became a little obsessed.  His nightly ritual became researching Llewellin Setters, where they came from, how they got here, what happened to them and of course who had them now.  If you want to know more about the history of the breed go to  .

After 6 months of watching him drool over these dogs online, the girls (my children not the chickens) and I decide enough is enough.  The man just procrastinates too much!  We begin to nonchalantly ask him question, what color do you like best, male or female, what are the best blood lines, what breeder do you prefer, and so forth and so on.  As Christmas was approaching we also began looking at actual puppies.  I have always wanted to give and/or get a puppy for Christmas, it looks so neat on T.V. doesn’t it?

The closest breeder with the best bloodline is a 6 hour drive away in Arkansas.  I run through the possibility of hauling butt over there and back…..let’s see 6 hours there, 30 minute stop somewhere to pee and catch a bite to eat, 1 hour at the breeders, 6 hours back, another 30 minute stop in between X 3 or 4 to let the puppy out……15-16 hours total????  Now what excuse can I possibly use to be gone that long?  Nope, not happening, gonna have to fly that little booger in (at Christmas).

Okay here is the deal, in order to put a dog of any size on a plane it has to be above 32 degrees at the point of departure and the point of arrival at the same time.  Let me just say that it took 5 attempts and was 3 weeks after Christmas before that present arrived!  Now the other thing they told me about putting a dog on a plane was that the airline was responsible for taking the dog out of the crate to relieve itself  if the total trip involved stopping along the way.  No really that’s what they told me.  As luck would have it our little guy got stuck in Dallas for 5 hours!  Oh that’s okay, they let him out for a walk remember. Yeah sure.  When he finally arrived they handed me a crate that stunk so bad I gagged.  Oh man I was some kind of afraid to look inside that thing, but you know I had to.  I opened the door and this sweet little face just melted my heart.  He gave me this look like he was trying to say, “I’m so sorry I did a bad thing please, don’t be mad.”  I reached in there to get him out and something squishy met my hand and I knew I had to put him back in, it was bad, it was bad, it was really bad!  There was “stuff” smeared everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  Not one inch of clean anything, including the dog.  Not so much the puppy in a box kind of thing I had in mind.  Merry Christmas Honey!

Dashing Laigen Bondhu (affectionately known as Dash) became the first of many much-loved Llewellin Setters.

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