You have got to be kidding me?

26 Jun

The construction/remodel of the new chicken yard is taking forever.  I now have three different flocks of chickens ALL outgrowing their current confinement. (I absolutely hate this!)  The first thing that hits me when I get home from a very busy weekend of wedding planning is 4 baby chicks on the loose in the backyard.  After spending at least an hour chasing the little boogers down, I finally got them all rounded up and back into their hayring pen.  This is before I even unpack the truck.

Finally make it into the house and say hi to the hubby who informs me I have loose chickens in the yard.  The first thing that hits me when I walk in the back door is a 42 inch round table full of very ripe tomatoes and a kitchen that looks like a tornado has come through.  Mind you, the man has been on his own for 24 hours plus he is getting ready for a fishing trip so I can’t say too much, I’m having Golly-Ma-Cha on Wednesday.  Break out the canning pot, clean the kitchen, run the dishwasher, start some laundry, wipe up the mess the dog in heat has left behind, put up 4 quarts and 12 pints of tomatoes.  Wheeeew……….

And those little boogers are out again……………

Round them all up again and deposit their little butts into the not totally ready chicken coop/yard.  Secure as many escape routes as possible, fresh food, fresh water, night-night little chickies, see ya tomorrow.

Spend a very sleepless night worrying about the blasted chickies and dreaming of a raccoon attack.  Daylight comes and ya wanna go home……………Oh wait, I’m already there!  Handyman arrives early to get to work so I venture on out there to see the damage.  Miraculously everyone is accounted for, Yeah?  Two hours later the handyman has gone on to another job, the chicken coop is a little more secure (we think) and I am off to get ready for a visit from grandchild #3 (I am grand-baby-sitting for a week).

Husband comes home from work, walks in the door and say, “You have a chicken loose in the yard”.  The baby is taking a nap so I walk on out to the yard to see who the heck got loose and of course it’s one of those little boogers.  Now, he is on the far side of the yard, to get to him I would have to walk all the way around and into the pasture to get back over to the other side of this pen.  The grass over there is at least 12 inches high because I have not had time to go mow…….I walk back to the house and my husband asks if I was able to catch my chicken.   Nope, not doin it, that stupid bird is just asking to be raccoon dinner and that is exactly what he’s gonna get!

Spend another sleepless night worrying about dumb wayward chicken.  Get up this morning and decide to purchase some coyote urine granules.  It’s suppose to keep the large animals off your property, I’ll let you know if it works.  Halfway through this post I couldn’t stand it any longer so I walk on out to the pen to check things out.

That dumb bird is back on this side of the pen, standing at the door no less, looking at me like “would you let me in please”.  UGH!  Took me all of three minutes to get him back inside the pen.  The handyman is coming today and I really hope he finishes cause I am really, really tired of our current situation and just plumb ready to get all these birds moved and secured.

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