New Chicken Yard

6 Jul

I’m waiting on a batch of boiling hot (220 degrees) fig jam to cool off a little before I ladle it into the jars and start canning.  Actually I am waiting on the lids to boil cause I forgot to put them on, so we wait.  I got a lot accomplished today and that always feels good, ya know.  I started my day bright and early working on the new chicken yard and spent 4 hours in there weed-eating the jungle of grass that has grown up since the first time I cut it (right before we started the project).  It was so tall I had to go over it twice and rake up the cuttings in between.  Yea I know that’s pretty tall.  The girls didn’t like it much either.  This may sound nuts but I want to plant some bushes and maybe one or two dwarf trees in there to give them shade and an interesting place to live, plus plants bring bugs and chickens love their bugs don’t ya know.  Once that was completed I spent another 2 1/2 hours worked on getting a tarp over the whole thing to give them some temporary shade until I can do the landscaping (okay that cracks me up–I am going to do “landscaping for the chickens”, really?).  It took a fishing pole and about 20 or 30 trips back and forth, and inside and outside before I got  the job done (by myself).  I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out………

What do you think?  I left some of the grass tall just to give them something to hide in or play in or whatever chickens do in the day.  In the middle there are several nice size pieces of a fallen tree, nicely rotting with bugs and stuff.    Ooooh, gotta go…….be back shortly

Lids were done so I had to go ladle out the jam and get them in their hot water bath.  I still have figs left so I thought I would make a second batch since I am already in the swing of things.  Got that started and didn’t have enough figs………..You know what I love about living here, that I could just go out there and pick enough ripe figs to make enough for a second batch of jam.  How awesome is that?

We recently joined a Farmers Market to sell whatever produce we have on hand.  Somehow I am the coordinator, not sure how that happened but hey it’s all good.  I went to the first one a couple of weeks ago without produce mainly because I wanted to get a feel for what went on behind the scenes at one of these things and also because all the produce we had at the time was like needing to be “put up”.  Last week I went with tomatoes, cherry tomatoes eggplant, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, fresh figs, homemade chili sauce and homemade salsa. Okay so like I need to be a little more organized next week cause it was a pain in the butt getting set up, other than that it was pretty fun.  Visiting with other small farmers, talking to customers, yep a good time was had by all.  We did pretty good selling for our “first” farmers market, and my chili sauce was a pretty good hit.  Of course it helped to have samples out for people to “taste test”.  At first I was a little nervous you know cause what if somebody tastes something you literally spent hours making and they hate it. What do you do?  What do you say?  It’s a dilemma.

Well while I was trying to write this post I’ve made two batches of Fig jam and I have to say it’s damn good.  I might just label it “Damn Good Jam”.  We’ve already decided to have homemade biscuits with warm fig jam for breakfast, yummy!  Checking out for now my people, have a very Blessed night and sweet dreams!

One Response to “New Chicken Yard”

  1. Liz July 7, 2012 at 7:03 pm #

    that is a huge chicken house! Great work!

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