a little about me

Hi, my name is Sally, mom or mimi, depending on who you are.  My husband’s name is Ken, Kenny, dad, pawpaw, the man and sometimes Ralph, again depending on who you are.  We live in a small East Texas community and are the 4th generation to live in the family homestead which sits on just about 8 acres.  Kenny’s family has lived, and worked on this property for 96 years.  Me, I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana but that’s a whole nother story.  We took over about 3 years ago, truth be told we should have done it years and years (and years) ago.  The first two years we walked around pretty much in a state of shock, the number of necessary repairs to the house and property were overwhelming.  On about the third year we woke up and realized we needed to get our butt in gear or the place would fall apart around our ears.

Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t just get here yesterday.  We’ve spent the last 26 years doing one thing or another.  Kenny and his mom worked a vegetable garden year after year.  While they were busy with that I helped raise goats,  horses, bottle calves, chickens and of course the children.  It’s just, now it’s like really ours and that’s a whole nother ball game.  Many a day was spent in the kitchen picking, peeling, par boiling, slicing, dicing, canning and cooking up all kinds of good stuff.  Fortunately I paid attention some.

Our goal is to get this place back in shape, perhaps make it a little better, and keep the traditions (and recipes) of the family alive.  Grab that cup of coffee and come on in and sit awhile as we share our days with you.

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