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When your fingers go walking………..

8 Dec

Way, way, way back in July, my fingers were doing some shopping without consulting “the man” and ordered fruit trees online. My reasoning was simple;  In order to make jam I need fruit, why buy fruit at the market when we can just as easily grow it ourselves.  If we have our own fruit trees not only can we sell the fruit, we can make jam too.  I mean come on, it was just a couple of trees, three actually: 1 apple, 1 peach and 1 plum.  What could it hurt, these three little trees, and they’re dwarf so they won’t take up much room.  Due to arrive after wedding #3 (Oct 6), I had plenty of time to inform his highness and make preparations.

A few weeks later I received a nice little pre-printed note from the nursery informing me that since my trees could not be shipped for several months they were “giving me” 4 free trees as a way of thanking me for my early order.  I looked at the list of potential freebies and selected 4 free Raspberry bushes, what the heck it’s free right.

3 fruit trees + 4 Raspberry bushes = 7 living plants needing site preparation (not too bad, I can handle this)

A few more weeks go by and I am needing a break from pre-wedding planning so I figure it’s time to do a little research on my recent purchase.  Yeah, well, shoulda done that first.  What I discover is that my apple and plum trees will benefit from a pollinator, which also means I need more trees.  Pollinator research completed, my fingers go back to the nursery to order companions for the aforementioned apple and plum trees.

I’m not real sure what happened after that, the poor things must have been tired after all that research or maybe just a little frustrated.  It could have been a spasm of some kind or side effect from ordering all those invitations, truffles and sparklers for 200 people.  I printed out my receipt and stared at the paper.  What on earth have I done?

2 apple, 2 plum and 2 peach (I mean really why not make it 3 of each?)

and then the freebies I somehow got to order at the end of checkout:

2 raspberry, 3 blackberry, 5 grape and 3 sweet bay magnolia for show (and how is this company  making any money?)


3 apple + 3 peach + 3 plum + 6 raspberry + 3 blackberry + 5 grape + 3 sweet bay magnolia =  26 living plants needing site preparation, followed by planting, watering and TLC over winter!

I take a deep breath and find a way to gently let the man know we have an orchard on the way.  At the time he was working on his “Father of the Bride” speech so he may not have actually heard the numbers, on account of he took the news so well.  I wasn’t going to rock that boat so I just eased on out of that conversation.

The wedding comes and goes without a hitch on October 6.  Two weeks later daughter #4 gets engaged.  Two weeks and two days after that the phone rings and all hell breaks loose with Maw.  (and) Two weeks and two days after THAT the orchard arrives.

Was I ready? %@&&, NO!

By the time the orchard arrived, Maw was recovering from her surgery, and Uncle J had arrived for an extended stay to look after Maw;  going back and forth from the big hospital and then back and forth from “the hospital” every day.  I was taking a much-needed break from tending to Maw to clean house and get ready for the kids to come home for the weekend, and to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for 27 people.  Just as the mirliton sat in their box for a while before I found time to get them in the ground, the orchard wound up in a bucket to chill out over Thanksgiving weekend.

We managed to get the apple, plum and peach trees in the ground the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  The raspberry and sweet bay magnolia followed a few days later, although I’m thinking about relocating the raspberry as I’m not completely convinced we chose the right location.  The blackberry and grape are now in a smaller bucket on the kitchen counter, placed there on purpose to stare me in the face.  You would know the best spot for them will require several hours/days of ground work to remove overgrowth, weeds, grass and work the soil.

Wouldn’t you know it, the forecast for today and tomorrow:    Rain          🙂

8 Oct

Lord have Mercy, Praise Jesus and Thank you my Heavenly Father, it is done!!!!!!!

October 6, 2012 our beautiful, intelligent, warm, loving, compassionate, strong minded, little bit geeky, rural-country raised daughter was married to a sweet, handsome, zombie loving-game playing, also little bit geeky, Texas A & M, city raised metro boy.  I just want to say, “It’s about dang time!” and, “Welcome to the family!”

They are now in Jamaica enjoying their honeymoon.  It will drive me insane until their feet are on American soil once again.  That would be Texas of course, don’t ya know.  I don’t know why, but I just can’t stand when my girls are not where I can get my hands on them, if necessary.  It’s not that I’m a control freak mom cause Lord knows I’m not.  It’s just the whole health, safety, protective thing that all mom’s and dad’s have in their head.  The night before the wedding, this particular daughter accidentally cut her hand while attempting to cut a price tag off of a sun hat.  Left hand of course, between the thumb and index finger.  Not that big but could have used a stitch or some glue.  Well ya know, at 3 am in the morning when you don’t have insurance ya clean it good, stick a band-aid on and go about your merry business.  Here I am thinking about a 1/4 inch gapped open boo boo swimming around in the nasty waters of Jamaica.  It’s a little bitty thing but it keeps me from worrying about all the other things one has to worry about where your child is on the other side and within spitting distance of Cuba.

Please, please, please, please, please do not leave the resort cause there really are gorillas in the jungle, and I’m not talking about the kind that eat bananas!  Why is it that all the cool places to go on your honeymoon are surrounded by machine gun-toting idiots?

So, I’m back here on the farm and I’ve been told to take it easy this week.  Really? LOL Okay.

I was out-of-town for only 4 days, in which time the temperature dropped 30 degrees!  We’ve got 6 birds that need to be butchered, a coop that needs to be cleaned out, sterilized and converted into a duck pen.  Arrangements need to be made to pick up the 625 gallon water tank we are getting to convert to a duck pond.  The vegetable garden needs row covers to prolong the growing period.  The garlic arrived while I was gone so I’ve got to get that in the ground.  In three weeks the apple, peach and plum trees, along with the raspberry and blackberry bushes and the muscadine grape vines will arrive for a total of 20 plants that need planting.  LOL, at the moment I have no idea “where” they are going.  And they are all due to arrive the same week the hubby doodle is due to go on his next great fishing trip.  Won’t that be fun!

Life on the farm is a little laid back and damn busy all at the same time.