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When the phone rings……..

7 Dec

So I am anticipating the arrival of my new seed, the phone rings and all hell breaks loose…………….

first a little background info:          Maw is my husbands 99-year-old grandmother.  On February 23, 2013 she will be 100!  Maw has lived in what is now our home, since she was 3 years old.  She gave birth to her children in the main room of the house where the 110 year old fireplace is located, and in the room that for lack of a better word we call the dining room, although we don’t actually “dine” there.  In her better years she was a homemaker, a seamstress, crocheted many a blanket, tended a garden, canned and/or preserved vegetables, fruit and meat, she was a wonderful cook, and a remarkable artist in many mediums — pencil drawings, pastels, acrylic and oil paintings, ceramics and even jewelery making, she read bible stories to her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren and even her great-great-grandchildren and gave art lessons to them after school.  To top all that off she was a hairdresser until she was 90 years old.  A remarkable woman who had(has) a positive impact on many, many lives.

In her 96th year after a hospital stay for low potassium, followed by a fall that resulted in a broken wrist, all complicated by a growing Dementia, the decision was made (by her son) that she would be better off with 24 hour a day supervision.  Therefore she was admitted to “the hospital” to live her remaining years.  We call it “the hospital” because (back in the day) when you put someone in the nursing home it was referred to as “the dying place” and that just wouldn’t do, so “the hospital” it became.  Having spent the previous 3 years taking care of Maw in her home, I volunteered to be one of her primary contacts for any emergency at “the hospital”.

Okay so……….

The phone rang, I look at the caller ID and it says “The Hospital”, &%^$ what now.  Over the weekend we had a call concerning a “possible fall” (nobody witnessed it), Maw was complaining that her right leg was hurting as a result of this fall.  They ordered an x-ray which came back negative for fractures or breaks.  Both myself and my husband inquired as to the possibility that her femoral artery bypass (performed 30 years previously) was failing and were both assured it was not in question.

On the other end of the phone is the “wound care specialist” informing me that as Maw had continued to complain about her right leg hurting, from “the fall”, she had been called in to check things out, ordered a sonogram and found none other than a femoral occlusion!  &%^$ could ya have maybe looked for that on Saturday after me AND my husband asked about it?

I made several pone calls as I rushed to get to the ER where they were sending her, informing my husband, my sister-in-law and Maw’s son of her condition, plus a mass text to the great-grands.  Four hours later the ER doctor is confirming this diagnosis and offering me (us) 2 choices of treatment:

Choice 1:  perform surgery to repair the occlusion. (okay)

Choice 2:  give a round of IV antibiotics and send her back to “the hospital” where the antibiotics will relieve the pain and swelling for (oh) about 3 weeks, then it will become inflamed and painful again.  At that point they would repeat the antibiotics for another 3 weeks of comfort, until gangrene set in, at which point they would simply make her comfortable until the gangrene took over.

NO &%^$, those were my 2 choices!!!

We’ll take the surgery thank you very much!  Who in their right mind would “choose” to allow their grandmother to endure the horror of Choice #2???

Several hours in an ER is long enough for any patient to have to bear, let’s remember however, that Maw has the added bonus of Dementia.  All this time she has been her normal sweet adorable self, so I delude myself into believing that all is well and I am in control of the situation.  This was NOT the case after making the 1 hour trip to a larger hospital where the surgeon was located.  By the time they let me into the cubicle where they had put Maw, Dementia was in full swing and I was in for the ride of my life.  Eight hours into Maw’s ordeal I am exhausted, and my phone is on fire from the calls and texts when my husband walks in.  By this time and after several more tests have been completed, we learn the artery is so deteriorated it can not be repaired, there is nothing viable left to bypass, and an amputation must be performed!

To say her hospital stay was uneventful would be a total and complete lie.  First of course there was the amputation, a major deal in itself.  If that wasn’t bad enough, there was the “discovery of the amputation” multiple times, thanks to the dementia.  Then of course we had “phantom pain”, which is even more confusing for a Dementia patient!  Change of any kind is difficult for someone with this debilitating disease, even something as simple as a new room-mate can be complicated.  The trip to the first ER, followed by the second ER, the loss of her leg, nurses in and out, and the morphine drip had our sweet, sweet Maw in a total and complete dementia episode to the point she barely recognized anyone.

We were greatly relieved when they returned her to “the hospital” and she entered all smiles; actually recognizing her room, and belongings.  She completely enjoyed the attention her return brought her as one staff member after another, and one fellow resident followed by others came to tell her they had missed her.  Dementia aside, our little Maw has been a real trooper throughout her ordeal, and we are ever amazed and oh so proud of her.

This past week I traveled with her to the surgeons office for her 4 week check up and staple removal.  We laughed together in the waiting room as she informed me that now she only needed 1 shoe, but they made her buy 2 anyway.  Here she is, our 99-year-old grandmother making jokes about having only one leg.  Gotta love our Maw!

I look back over the stories of Maw’s life and see that it has been blessed.  A few days after surgery she looked at me and said, “All I want to do is go to sleep and not wake up, but God hasn’t taken me home yet so He must have a reason why I’m still here.  What do you suppose that is?”  I held back the tears as I gently kissed her face and said, “Maybe God knows we still need you here with us honey.”

The mirliton seed arrived right on schedule, but of course I simply set them aside.  They sat in the box for nearly two weeks as we tended to our sweet and precious Maw.  They are now safely encased in their little hay filled holes (in the ground) to over-winter until spring.  The fruit trees arrived a few days before Thanksgiving, which has come and gone, and with it a house full of company.   Somehow during all of this we managed to scout out and secure a barn for daughter #4’s reception and set the wedding date for July 29, 2013.

Hhmmm, the fruit trees arrived, one day I might just learn to plan ahead……………………….

Oh no, not again…? :-)

24 Nov

Most of this year was spent planning the wedding of daughter #3.  That successfully carried out Ralph and I thought we would have some time to relax, catch up on the farm, and enjoy the holidays.  hahahahahahahahaha

We got home from wedding #3 and barely unpacked when boyfriend #4 decided it was time to pop the question.

Two weeks TO THE DAY after wedding #3, daughter #4 became engaged!

Lord help me, please!

Hahahahaha     hahahahaha     hahahahaha

Hahahahahahahaha     hahahhahahahahahaha

Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Okay, I feel better.

We’ve had some pretty difficult trials and tribulations in the past with the boys/men our daughters have chosen to date/get involved with.  My biggest fear has always been that they would end up with someone who treated them badly or abused them in some way.  That is of course every parents nightmare.  And I suspect we came close a time or two.

I don’t know what we did right, or what we didn’t do wrong but somehow, someway, all 4 of our precious babies have ended up with men that are perfectly suited for each of them.  As an added bonus, they all fit in, compliment and complete our family!

So even tho I am once again in wedding mode, things I want to get done on the farm will take a backseat to another wedding, and my job title will continue to be wedding planner instead of fledgling farmer………

I couldn’t be happier!

Amazing little things…..

11 Jul

The last several weeks have been a little hectic with canning everyday, trying to get the new chicken yard completed and weeding the field.  So much so that I haven’t taken the time to really look around.  This past weekend I was de-tangling weeds from pumpkin vines, and laying them in the rows so Kenny could then take the riding mower and cut between the rows.  We do all this because he is procrastinating on buying the equipment we need that attaches to the back of the tractor enabling you to get the job done in a fraction of the time it takes to do manually.  It’s not that we “can’t” buy the equipment, he just can’t stand to let go of the $$$.  We must spend time “looking around and getting the best deal”.  That’s easy for you to say Fred you are not the one weeding 2 1/2 acres!

Anyway, so I am out there untangling weeds and I begin to notice bees, big bees, little bees, bumblebees, long slender bumble-bee looking things (as long as a fifty cent piece) I have never seen before in my life.  Everywhere!  Hhhhmmmm, I’ve been bugging Kenny lately (no pun intended) that we need our own bee hive.  Fertile, productive farms have bees, it ensures pollination of whatever you are growing, plus you get all that wonderful honey, which of course you can bottle and sell.  He doesn’t wanna fool with bees, it’s too much he says.  In a moment of shere frustration he succumbed and said if I wanted to mess with the bees “I” could get some.  Generally when this sort of thing happens I jump at the chance before he changes his mind, which he usually does when his brains begins to focus in on what I asked for.  This of course is how we ended up with the chickens.  However, I don’t particularly like the idea of the occasional sting bee keepers risk when caring for their charges, but I want the honey.  I know a tad lazy but I’m just not into self-inflicted pain.  So, I am now on the hunt for a bee keeper to “keep” the bees for me, at least until I am way, way, way more comfortable with what is involved.  At this point you are probably thinking, hey your field is full of bees you just said so, why do you still want more?  Aaaahh, but those bees do not belong to me and I have no idea where they are hiding the honey they are making with my pumpkin pollen!

As I am running all this through my mind whilst attacking the weeds I also notice the blooms, blooms and more blooms.  Ya know, I’ve never seen a pumpkin blossom before,  and didn’t have a clue what they would look like.  They are awesome, they are huge, and I just found out the “male” blossoms are edible.  How cool is that?  Now if I can just figure out which ones are male…….

Absolutely beautiful!  And we have the beginning of our pumpkins:

Aren’t they just the cutest little things?

and then it hit me…………….I get to take care of, fret over, worry about, pick bugs off of, weed and feed these adorable little boogers (and about 600 more) for a whole nother 81 more days, until we harvest and then another 92 days until they are all sold.   Yes, yes I know that is a quess-tamation.

The truth of the matter is, it’s pretty cool to look out the window into the field and see all those yellow blossoms, knowing that each (female) one is attached to a little growing pumpkin.  It’s life and it’s amazing and I guarantee you this did not come about because two atoms collided together somewhere out in the great beyond.  And this is just one small little blossom, one teeny tiny pumpkin among so many other amazing bits and pieces of life.  I look at this and have to laugh at the simplicity of the atom theory, come on – Where do you think those two little atoms came from anyway?

Today I pray that each person who reads this blog, “be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.”  (Eph 3:19)